March 11, 2011

David Ellis Wins New York 2011 PULSE Prize


PULSE Contemporary Art Fair is pleased to announce that David Ellis, represented by Joshua Liner Gallery, New York, is recipient of the New York 2011 PULSE Prize. The prize was awarded this afternoon to Liner on behalf of Ellis by Director Cornell DeWitt in an informal ceremony where he was joined by PULSE Committee members Mark Moore, of Culver City, CA's Mark Moore Gallery; and Stefan Roepke of Cologne, Germany Galerie Stefan Roepke.
Ellis' lively works, exhibited for the first time at the fair, include an overhead video of his creation of a large scale painting - and the resulting stills - along with wall mounted sculptures of resin-encased record collections. But the show stealer was True Value (Paint fukket), which incorporated electronics and elements of a player piano into dozens of paint buckets to create a crowd-pleasing animatronic tympani.
From the PULSE Press Release

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