April 29, 2015

American Art Collector Previews Evan Hecox’s Solo Exhibition

Photobucket As we begin the countdown to the opening of Evan Hecox's much anticipated third solo exhibition with the gallery, Far, it's great to receive some pre-show press. American Art Collector published a preview of the exhibition in their May issue, enjoy this sneak peek of the show.

April 20, 2015

Andrew Schoultz and Libby Black Exhibit at Left Coast: California Political Art.

CUNY's The James Gallery recently opened Left Coast: California Political Art, which includes artwork from 1980 to the present, that focus on the spirit of protest and resistance. Gallery artists Andrew Schoultz and Libby Black have work in the exhibition. The artists exhibited cross into the realm of activism in their work and explore political tensions and social movements unfolding across the country. Andrew Schoultz created a 14 x 14ft mural in the gallery space, please enjoy some of these installation photos. Left Coast is on view through May 30.  |  Photos »

April 3, 2015

Geoff McFetridge Publishes New Zine with Nieves

Geoff McFetridge and independent Swiss publishing house Nieves recently released Studies, a collection of thirty of the artist's original sketches. Studies is the fourth book McFetridge has released with Nieves. A review of the zine from T Magazine reads: "No matter the yield, each McFetridge project begins as a sketch... produced throughout 2014, the drawings represent a variety of ideas, some fleeting and quirky, plucked from the depths of the artist’s psyche, others more considered, but no less cryptic." Enjoy the full review of the zine and take a look at some of the included sketches over at T Magazine.

April 1, 2015

Thats My Trip Opening Photos

Last Thursday the gallery celebrated the long awaited arrival of Spring with the opening of That's My Trip, curated by gallery artist Andrew Schoultz. Schoultz's inspiration for the group exhibition came from a series of artist studio visits to various cities including Berkeley, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. A recurring theme emerged with the artists centered around the inextricable links between their lives, values, and their work. Thank you to everyone who joined us in celebrating the opening of this exciting exhibition. That's My Trip is on view with the gallery through May 2. Enjoy these opening photos!
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