October 30, 2014

Artnet News Interview Riusuke Fukahori

Goldfish fanatic Riusuke Fukahori has a new interview up on Artnet News this week for the news site's Artnet Asks series. From the interview: "To me, goldfish and people are very similar beings. The goldfish that I draw are not really goldfish, but representations of people. People are just goldfish living in the fish tank called Earth."

October 17, 2014

Opening Photos: ‘Qualia’ and ‘Likelihood of Confusion’

The opening receptions for Tiffany Bozic's Qualia and Alfred Steiner's Likelihood of Confusion brought an excited crowd to view our October offering. Admirers of Tiffany's beautiful work were eager to see the artist's latest, gorgeous creations. Qualia is Bozic's third solo exhibition with the gallery and quite possibly her best work to date. The artist was missed at the reception, due to it coinciding with an important expedition to Namibia!

Our guests were equally excited to join us in celebrating the opening of Likelihood of Confusion, Alfred Steiner's first solo exhibition with the gallery. Steiner's latest body of work certainly reflects his incredible wit and eye for detail. Thank you to everyone who joined us on the evening, please enjoy these opening photos. |  Photos »

October 11, 2014

The World’s Best Ever Interview with Wayne White

Published on the final day of Invisible Ruler, this interview from The World's Best Ever was the perfect ending to such a wonderful exhibition. Enjoy!