May 25, 2013

Video Preview for Upcoming Exhibition with Oliver Vernon

We're proud to host Oliver Vernon's third solo exhibition with us, opening Thursday, May 30th, 2013. In celebration of the upcoming show we have a great opportunity to see inside the artist’s studio with this teaser video from Colin M. Day. Beautiful opening shot of Vernon’s studio in northern California, as well as a cameo from his daughter. Enjoy!

May 7, 2013

New Greg Lamarche Mural


On a five-story tall building, two blocks away from the Williamsburg Bridge (and Peter Lugar Steakhouse!) is a new mural recently completed by Greg Lamarche. Commissioned by Colossal Media, this reproduction of “Free Fall” is hard to miss. From Colossal Media:

“[We have] created The Big Brush Project because we have something to say not something to sell, walls like this one highlight our aim to promote precision, dedication, ethics, and passion. For us It’s about taking time, it’s about getting it right and were proud to do so with like minded artists. Be on the lookout for more artwork on big walls around NYC.”

Congratulations to the artist and his collaborators, we’re excited to see future projects. You can see this one in person at Bedford and Broadway in Brooklyn, NY.