December 10, 2014

Joshua Liner Gallery at Miami Project, 2014

The whirlwind that is Miami Art Week has come to an end for another year. Our second year showing at Miami Project Art Fair was a great success! The eclectic group of contemporary artists exhibited at our booth received great praise and attention, with a mention on ArtInfo's round-up of the fair. Thank you to the dedicated team at Art Market Productions for putting together another successful art fair. Please enjoy these installation images of our booth.   |  Photos »

November 26, 2014

Opening Photos: “Your Favorite Artist’s Favorite Artist.”

Last week's festive opening of Your Favorite Artist's Favorite Artist was a wonderful way to conclude our vibrant 2014 calendar. A special thank you is in order to all the wonderful artists in this exhibition and to everyone who joined us on the evening. Please enjoy our final post of opening photos for the year!  |  Photos »

November 22, 2014

Wertical Interview Andrew Schoultz

Following the opening of Broken Order, Andrew Schoultz's debut solo exhibition with Ruttkowski;68 Gallery, Wertical sat down with the artist to chat about his early days, and where his work is today. From the interview: "With Broken Order, I basically comment on change. Broken Order alludes to the up-in-the-air sort of uncertainty that’s going on right now."

November 6, 2014

Patagonia and Geoff McFetridge are Down with Feathers

Geoff McFetridge recently created an animation for Patagonia to promote awareness of the brand’s humane process of obtaining goose down. Enjoy this adorable video and the full article over at Esquire.

November 6, 2014

Stephen Powers Presents at Creative Mornings’ Lecture Series Held at MoMa

Stephen Powers recently gave a talk on his exciting transition from a young graffiti writer to established artist, and the trials and successes of the popular Love Letter series. The talk is one of a series of lectures put on by Creative Mornings, held at MoMa.

November 1, 2014

Cool Hunting Feature Alfred Steiner’s “Likelihood of Confusion”

"I look at my source image, say the Starbucks logo, and I free-associate based on the shapes it contains...Once I have an idea in mind, say a Greek vase for the body of the Starbucks siren, I do various image searches, looking for something that will best fit the contours of my image." Cool Hunting caught up with Alfred Steiner this week to talk about the processes behind each piece exhibited in Likelihood of Confusion. Please enjoy this wonderful feature of the show.

October 30, 2014

Artnet News Interview Riusuke Fukahori

Goldfish fanatic Riusuke Fukahori has a new interview up on Artnet News this week for the news site's Artnet Asks series. From the interview: "To me, goldfish and people are very similar beings. The goldfish that I draw are not really goldfish, but representations of people. People are just goldfish living in the fish tank called Earth."

October 17, 2014

Opening Photos: ‘Qualia’ and ‘Likelihood of Confusion’

The opening receptions for Tiffany Bozic's Qualia and Alfred Steiner's Likelihood of Confusion brought an excited crowd to view our October offering. Admirers of Tiffany's beautiful work were eager to see the artist's latest, gorgeous creations. Qualia is Bozic's third solo exhibition with the gallery and quite possibly her best work to date. The artist was missed at the reception, due to it coinciding with an important expedition to Namibia!

Our guests were equally excited to join us in celebrating the opening of Likelihood of Confusion, Alfred Steiner's first solo exhibition with the gallery. Steiner's latest body of work certainly reflects his incredible wit and eye for detail. Thank you to everyone who joined us on the evening, please enjoy these opening photos.  |  Photos »

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