Joshua Liner Gallery - Gallery space

Founded in 2008 in Chelsea, New York, Joshua Liner Gallery’s program supports the talents of established and emerging artists. Offering a vast array of ideas and practices, the program reflects the diversity within the current visual dialogue. Ranging from formalism to political criticism and satire, Joshua Liner Gallery aims to present innovative work in a space that is both approachable and engaging.

The gallery provides an ever-changing, dynamic exhibition schedule in order to support a multitude of artists, both domestic and international. Through exhibitions and art fairs, the gallery is dedicated to providing an accessible forum for fresh ideas, while positioning our artists within the broader spectrum of contemporary art. A rigorous exhibition schedule facilitates our aim to extend programming beyond our roster and collaborate with outside curators, artists, and writers. Joshua Liner Gallery believes in the importance of engaging with the larger community to foster fresh ideas that connect with the various currents of contemporary discourse.

Joshua Liner Gallery is not accepting submissions at this time.

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