Group Exhibition
Your Favorite Artist's Favorite Artist Group Exhibition
November 20 to December 20, 2014

Your Favorite Artists Favorite Artist
Your Favorite Artist's Favorite Artist

Joshua Liner Gallery presents the artist curated group show: Your Favorite Artist’s Favorite Artist. Featuring artists exhibited this year and in forthcoming 2015, each gallery artist has selected to show alongside a creative individual whom they admire. On view from November 20 to December 20, this eclectic and diverse exhibition of work is a reflection of our vibrant 2014 program, and offers a fresh outlook for the coming year. Please join us for the opening reception on Thursday, November 20th from 6 to 8PM, many of the artists will be in attendance to celebrate the occasion.

Alfred Steiner had this to say about his Favorite Artist, David Shrigley: “My wife bought me David’s book What the Hell Are You Doing? back in 2011. I was immediately taken with David’s work, with its dark humor and formally economical means. I also appreciated the fact that the work was not fashionably obscure. It was so accessible, in fact, that What the Hell Are You Doing? quickly became one of my little girls’ favorites, too. We’ve had many a laugh pondering a sign seeking a lost pigeon with black bits or discussing which spear we would prefer to be speared by.”

It seems that family and the familiar are a central themes in selecting a favorite. In a beautiful case of familial nepotism, Wayne White chose his son and daughter, Woodrow and Lulu White. Wayne White explains his pick for Favorite Artist, “These are the two artists that I think about the most.”

Sam Friedman has his inaugural solo exhibition scheduled for January 2015. Friedman and his Favorite Artist have known each other since pre-school. “I have known Josh Sperling since we were both crawling. He is my oldest friend, and I believe he is making great artwork,” Friedman explains.

Your Favorite Artist’s Favorite Artist is an intimate look into some of the artists that you admire. Perhaps in an algebraic property of equality, their favorite artist will be yours, too.

Alfred Steiner
Andrew Schoultz
Britton Tolliver
Evan Hecox
Geoff McFetridge
Gregory Johnston
Kris Kuksi
Pema Rinzin
Robert Larson
Sam Friedman
Serena Mitnik-Miller
Stephen Powers
Thomas Campbell
Tony Curanaj
Wayne White
Your Favorite Artists Favorite Artist

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