Group Exhibition
Summer Group Exhibition 2009
August 15 to September 6, 2009

[!18437] Pat Rocha
The New Frontier
Oil on canvas
36 x 48 in.
37 x 49 in. framed
Contact the gallery for pricing and availability.

Joshua Liner Gallery is pleased to present the 2009 Summer Group Exhibition showcasing 24 artists, including established gallery regulars, emerging artists, and newcomers to Joshua Liner Gallery. The exhibition will feature works by:

Candice Tripp, Chloe Early, Cleon Peterson, Damon Soule, Dave Kinsey, Evan Hecox, Greg Simkins, James Roper, Joe Sorren, Jud Bergeron, Kenji Hirata, Pat Rocha, Robert Hardgrave, Ryan McLennan, Shawn Barber, Stanley Donwood, Stella Im Hultberg, SUB (Tony Curanaj), Sylvia Ji, Tat Ito, Tiffany Bozic, Travis Louie, Tristram Lansdowne and ZAnPon.

Figurative painters Shawn Barber, Stella Im Hultberg, Sylvia Ji, and Pat Rocha will return in spring 2010 with solo shows at the gallery. Artists working in abstraction—including painters Robert Hardgrave, Kenji Hirata, Dave Kinsey, and sculptor Jud Bergeron—will return with solo and two-person shows in fall 2009 and throughout 2010.

Newcomers to Joshua Liner Gallery, Tiffany Bozic, Joe Sorren, Ryan McLennan, and Candice Tripp—all painters with unique visions of the fantastical—will return in fall 2009 and throughout 2010 with solo shows. Likewise, gallery newcomers Evan Hecox and Tristram Lansdowne, who often reference architecture and the built environment in their mixed-media works, will return with solo shows in fall 2009 and winter 2010. Gallery favorites Greg Simkins and Travis Louie will be back in late 2010 with solo shows.

Joshua Liner established Joshua Liner Gallery in New York City’s Chelsea district in 2008. Building on the success of his former, Philadelphia-based Lineage Gallery, Joshua Liner’s Chelsea space introduces an exciting roster of emerging and established artists from the West and East coasts, Asia, and Europe.

Cleon Peterson
Damon Soule
Dave Kinsey
Evan Hecox
Greg Simkins
Ryan McLennan
Shawn Barber
Stanley Donwood
Sylvia Ji
Tat Ito
Tiffany Bozic
Tony Curanaj
Travis Louie

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