Kris Kuksi + Tomokazu Matsuyama
SCOPE Miami 2008
December 4 to December 8, 2008

Tomokazu Matsuyama
Speaking A Life's Journey
Acrylic on canvas
60 x 60 inches
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Joshua Liner Gallery will make its debut presentation at SCOPE Miami 08, to be held December 3 – 7 in SCOPE’s new 60,000 square-foot pavilion in the Wynwood Art District. The gallery will be one of 89 exhibitors from 22 countries showcased during the 7th annual SCOPE Miami event, the contemporary art fair’s largest to date. To mark this special occasion, Joshua Liner Gallery will present gallery artist’s Aiko, Kris Kuksi, and Tomokazu Matsuyama, whose work demonstrates the gallery’s wide-ranging interests and offerings.

About the Artists:

Aiko, a Tokyo-born artist based in New York since 1996, is a founding member of the art collective FAILE. She launched a solo career in 2006 exhibiting mixed-media paintings that incorporate collage, stenciling, brushwork, spray paint, and serigraphy. This bricolage technique perfectly suits the young artist’s eclectic practice: a voracious mash-up of Japanese and American pop culture, including comics, children’s book illustrations, advertising, and soft-core pornography. Aiko draws inspiration from the atmosphere and signage of urban streets, Kawaii culture (“cute” in Japanese), and globalized depictions of female sexuality. Throughout, Aiko explores a signature synthesis of commercial graphics, sexual imagery, and the various vocabularies of seduction and fantasy found in print and electronic media. Aiko’s debut solo exhibition took place at Brooklynite Gallery in 2008. Selected group exhibitions include: Bestial, Iguapop Gallery, Barcelona (2007); and Heart Throb, Merry Karnowsky Gallery, Los Angeles (2007).

Kris Kuksi, is a mixed media artist based in Hays, Kansas. His thoroughly contemporary practice displays the artist’s deep nostalgia for “old world” aesthetics as well as a marked suspicion of contemporary culture. Throughout his mixed-media assemblages, Greek gods mingle with monsters in miniature landscapes of scaffolding, train tracks, refineries, and plumbing, all resembling bric-a-brac in their tiny form. Constructed from model kits, toy soldiers, plastic skulls, knick-knack figurines, and mechanical parts, these intricate, wallmounted assemblages combine mass-produced “junk” into rococo tableaux. At once grand and grotesque, Kuksi’s friezelike works register from a distance as architectural ornamentation from the Belle Époque. Up close, the agglomerations of macabre parts take on a Bosch-style chaos, with gnarled forms compressed into a dark tangle. Solo exhibitions of Kuksi’s work include: Oblivion (with Richard Kirk), Strychnin Gallery, Berlin (2007); The Strange and The Fantastic, Leedy-Voulkos Art Center, Kansas City, MO; The Great Passage, Optic Nerve Arts, Portland, OR (2004) Selected group exhibitions include: Paradise Lost, Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Brooklyn (2008); Illusions of Reality, Strecker-Nelson Gallery, Manhattan, KS; Be Angel, Strange, Grand Palais, Paris, and Flights of Imagination, Museum HR Giger, Gruyères, Switzerland (2006).

Tomokazu Matsuyama, working in acrylic on canvas or paper, makes paintings that possess great charm and vivacity, a result of the artist’s sensitivity to his cultural roots combined with a distinctive contemporary playfulness. Born in Japan in 1976 and later immigrating to the United States, Matsuyama’s bicultural upbringing spurred a questioning of national and individual identity, which today figures prominently in the style and subject matter of his paintings. Kirin—a mythical, dragon-like chimera recognized throughout East Asia as a symbol of good luck—appears often in the artist’s imagery. Matsuyama updates the transformative aspect of the creature through his kaleidoscopic abstractions, simple figures, and faux naïf compositions. By building up (or breaking down) figures into brilliantly hued geometric facets, the artist creates a pictorial dimension where ancient tales and contemporary visual design can intermingle. He also challenges conventional ideas about cultural homogeneity, contradicting notions of “Japaneseness.” Solo exhibitions include: Between the Polar, Takuro Someya Contemporary Art, Chiba, Japan (2007); Re-Union, Studio K, Tokyo (2005), among others. Selected group exhibitions include: Piece of Peace, Parco Gallery, Tokyo (2008); Living Lines, J Flynn Gallery, Costa Mesa, CA (2007); Brave-Art, Telus Centre, Whistler, BC (2006)

Joshua Liner Gallery

Joshua Liner established Joshua Liner Gallery in New York City’s Chelsea district in 2008. Building on the success of his former, Philadelphia-based Lineage Gallery, Joshua Liner’s Chelsea space introduces an exciting roster of emerging artists from the West and East coasts, Asia, and Europe. Informed by the urban street, Japanese pop culture, American comics, and digital design, these artists are at the cutting edge of contemporary art practices, which include sculpture and mixed-media works, as well as figurative and abstract painting. In addition to an annual program of exhibitions, Joshua Liner Gallery participates in seasonal contemporary art fairs, including F.A.M.E Collective, an independent exhibition of over 25 artists curated by Joshua Liner that coincided with Art Basel Miami Beach 2007.

Kris Kuksi
Tomokazu Matsuyama

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