Group Exhibition
Direct Address: An Inaugural Group Exhibition
March 21 to April 20, 2013

Stephen Powers
A Month of Somedays
Enamel on aluminum
48 x 48 inches
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Joshua Liner Gallery is proud to announce the opening of its new home—a street-level, 2,600-square-foot exhibition space located at 540 West 28th Street in the Chelsea Arts District. The gallery’s relocation to a ground-floor space contributes to the life of this burgeoning block, which boasts new high-rise construction, the final section of the High Line, and redevelopment of Hudson Yards just to the north.

To celebrate this milestone move, the gallery is pleased to present Direct Address, an inaugural group exhibition featuring works in diverse media by longtime gallery figures as well as new additions to the program. Participants include the following artists:

Alfred Steiner, Clayton Brothers, Cleon Peterson, Dave Kinsey, David Ellis, Evan Hecox, Greg Lamarche, Ian Francis, Jean-Pierre Roy, Kris Kuksi, Oliver Vernon, Pema Rinzin, Richard Colman, Riusuke Fukahori, Shawn Barber, Stephen Powers, SWOON, Tiffany Bozic, Tomokazu Matsuyama, and Tony Curanaj.

Direct Address makes full use of the gallery’s 500+ square feet of added space and 15-foot ceilings. Graphic design, typography, digital imagery, and assorted printing techniques variously inform works in painting, mixed media, and collage by the Clayton Brothers, Evan Hecox, Greg Lamarche, and SWOON. Allusions to cartoons, cultural icons, and the collective unconscious turn up in watercolor-on-paper works by Alfred Steiner, as well as in Cleon Peterson’s stylized depictions of mass violence. Working in enamel on aluminum, sign-painter-turned-artist Stephen Powers combines image and word in a new selection of his visual aphorisms, or Daily Metaltations.

The gallery’s concentration in contemporary painting is well represented with abstract works by Dave Kinsey, Tomokazu Matsuyama, and Oliver Vernon, as well as Pema Rinzin’s contemporary interpretations of Buddhist devotional imagery. Other painters present figurative works, such as the tattoo portraits of Shawn Barber, naturalist studies of Tiffany Bozic, meticulous still-lifes of Tony Curanaj, atmospheric figure groupings by Ian Francis, and dystopian cityscapes by Jean-Pierre Roy. A mural-size, multi-panel painting by the San Francisco artist Richard Colman will be installed on one of the gallery’s 25-foot column-free walls. This wildly patterned and colorful work was originally displayed in the Gagosian Beverly Hills restroom in 2012 as part of a special curated series.

Sculptural works round out Direct Address: Margulies Collection artist David Ellis will present All That Glitters, a kinetic sound sculpture “chandelier,” the first in a series to be exhibited at Joshua Liner Gallery next fall. Gallery regular Kris Kuksi will present, a lavish mixed-media assemblage referencing ancient and modern historical periods. And Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori will show a selection of micro-layered acrylic paintings that read illusionistically as solid objects.

Alfred Steiner
Clayton Brothers
Cleon Peterson
Dave Kinsey
David Ellis
Evan Hecox
Greg Lamarche
Ian Francis
Jean-Pierre Roy
Kris Kuksi
Oliver Vernon
Pema Rinzin
Riusuke Fukahori
Shawn Barber
Stephen Powers
Tiffany Bozic
Tomokazu Matsuyama
Tony Curanaj

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