Felipe Pantone + Parra
June 10 to June 15, 2019

Plant Worship
Acrylic on canvas
100 x 100 cm
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For VOLTA Basel, Joshua Liner Gallery will present a two-person booth featuring the work of Parra and Felipe Pantone, two multi-façeted artists living and working in Europe. The booth will highlight the breadth of these two artists' fine art careers, with new paintings and sculpture, produced specifically for the fair. Each artist produces an enigmatic and instantly recognizable style that defies categorization. In their practices, both artists build their compositions by piecing together geometric shapes to explore opposite directions. Collectively their works connect clean lines and abstract forms. However, the artists balance in opposition, presenting abstraction against human form.

Characterized by curvaceous line work and bold, saturated color, Parra’s post-Pop imagery is composed of clean forms that fit together like a puzzle. His balanced compositions depict surreal figures in imaginary interiors and landscapes, built up with his limited palette of flat colors. With distance, the works appear mechanized and pristine. However, upon closer inspection, the artist’s brush work becomes visible, organically reminding us of Parra’s creative hand. Like Parra, Pantone builds composition with the layering of color and geometric form, though the organic is replaced with an industrial sensibility. Optical compositions of bright gradients of color and geometry, achieve shade and tone by merging mechanical and non-mechanical processes. Using a custom, industrial printer as his “brush”, the artist intervenes in the process that “paints” his colors upon sheets of aluminum. Experimenting with visual relationships of CMYK, Pantone evokes a visual, digital experience, integrating technology as the subject and the medium.

VOLTA, Basel's art fair for new international positions, debuted in 2005 as a collaboration between dealers and friends. The aim was to secure a platform for international galleries beyond young art stalwart Liste and market heavyweight Art Basel. Noted for being a "space for discovery", VOLTA returns to the former COOP distribution center as the newest cultural hub in Basel. Located across from the Novartis Campus at Elsässerstrasse 215, just 9 minutes away from the main fair and within the neighborhood of the very first venue at Voltaplatz.

Felipe Pantone