Big Whale (detail)
Acrylic on panel
60 x 120 inches
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My work is about telling stories. Since my childhood, story-telling has had a strong influence on me. I grew up listening to my parents’ recorded voice reading children’s stories on a tape, in an effort to keep me company while they were away at work. Lack of their presence and having no one to explain children’s classic question ‘why,’ I began to imagine the reason why. I also began to make keen observations and developed a photographic memory. With my interest in story-telling, I was drawn to history as I grew older, which I consider as a type of story-telling. I read about the history of China, Japan, and the United States in depth. I began re-creating the historic scenes as well as scenes from daily lives of common people, and people in animal forms with my own imagination, wondering what would I have observed if I were at the scene. The combination of all of the above enables me to project my views and imagination accurately on a surface.

Mu Pan, 2015