Michael Kagan's work focuses on iconic images... man pushing the limit of what he can do and knowing he might die doing it. Kagan's paintings oscillate between the abstract and the representational with forceful brushstrokes. As sections of abstract brushwork are created to form a large image, the painting is finished when it can fall apart and come back together depending on how it is read and the closeness to the work. The paintings are images, snapshots that capture fast, flash moments, quick reads that are locked into memory by their iconic silhouettes.

Michael Kagan lives and works in Brooklyn. He holds an MFA from New York Academy of Art (2005), where he was awarded a post graduate fellowship (2005-6). He has done multiple collaborations with Pharrell Williams and Mr. Williams' company, Billionaire Boys Club. He has also created a series of commissions based on the archives from The Smithsonian. Most recently, his artwork was used as the cover of the White Lies' album, "Big TV". The album cover was listed on multiple lists of the top covers of the year and won the top prize of Best Art Vinyl of 2013.

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