Jeremy Fish lives and works in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood. His artwork deals with the relationship of all things cute and creepy, and the balance between the two. The work tends to be narrative stories designed with a library of symbols and characters. In the last few years Fish has exhibited his work in Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Taiwan, Poland, Hungry, Denmark, Canada, Holland, Austria, Slovakia, Italy, and all over the United States.

Jeremy's education and work experience has lead to a career as a fine artist, and a commercial illustrator. Finding a balance between exhibiting his work both across the US, and internationally in galleries and museums. while maintaining a presence designing skateboards, t-shirts, viynl toys, album covers, periodical illustrations, murals, and sneakers. The artwork is mainly about storytelling and communication, told through a library of characters and symbols. With an emphasis on finding a balance with the imagery somewhere between all things cute and creepy. Jeremy has lived and worked in San Francisco for the past 15 years.

Artist Statement

"Seasons Of Change" is a body of work created from December 2007 to June 2008; consisting of 40 drawings, paintings and sculptures representing stories, which have an overlying theme of the four seasons. By using the four seasons as a symbolic representation of the four phases of life, for example childhood and old age represented by spring and winter respectively; the work explores the physical and emotional changes that occur with the change of the seasons.

The statues and some frames in this show were part of a trip to Indonesia, where Fish worked with carver Nyoman Sedayatana of Bali to create the 3-dimensional works that enhance these seasonal tales.

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