Working in mixed media on canvas, Ian Francis combines abstraction, figuration, and elements of both painting and drawing to create distinctly contemporary works. He draws his inspiration from cinema and imagery examining the most contemporary issues facing the human condition. Amid high-color washes and jagged brushwork, Francis depicts semi-clad figures who loll and mix in casual groupings—some scenes are intimate, others hedonistic. Abstraction and figuration mutually support the artist’s suggestion of a worldview where violence and style intersect. These figures are recognizable, the young and beautiful denizens of a particular media fantasy fueled by sex, death, and celebrity.

Francis admits to playing into this illusion himself, professing an obsession for internet media and sensational US teen dramas, lending a pleasing sympathy to his operatic observations. "My work isn't about computers or the Internet specifically, which is why you won't see those elements in my paintings – it's more about the feelings people express through them," he says.

While his recent works were purely painted using oils, Ian Francis says he prefers the nature of "mixed media" as a description for his process. He is noted for his use of gels to create a high contrast flat finish that replicates the effect of a high definition monitor, or glossy magazine spread.

Born in 1979 in Bristol, England, where he continues to live and work, Francis received a BA in art and illustration in 2001 from University of the West of England. Solo exhibitions of his work include Season 1 Episode 0 at Joshua Liner Gallery (2013), Exodus, Lazarides Gallery, London (2010); New Works, MTV Gallery, Sydney, Australia (2009); Together Forever, Kinsey/DesForges, Los Angeles (2008); and Super Coma Fantasy, BLK/MRKT Gallery, Los Angeles (2007). His work has also been featured in the group exhibitions The Outsiders, Lazarides Gallery, London and New York (2008); and Free Parking, OKOK Gallery, Seattle (2007).

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